Made with paper by 53

This is my first art related post. Won’t be long one for sure. Here are some of my paintings ‘Made with paper 53’ (forms a good statement, right?). All of these painting were done on an iPad 2 without using any stylus. Yes, just my fingers.

The ‘Made with paper’ app is now freely available on AppStore. When I first used it about 2 years ago, I think, it was a paid app. I actually bought it then, so that I could use the complete feature set the app had to offer.

This is a 10 minute painting using the marker, brush and the pen tool.


This was my first painting using the ‘Made with paper’ app. The focus here was to get the hair right. The tools used were, a brush to get the brown shade for the hair and a pencil to draw the hair lines using a light brown color from the palette.


Here is one of the paintings where I tried to play with dark shades. A man sitting on the mountain top under the moonlight and then the the city lights below.


Can you spot the cupboard in the background? 🙂

Stay tuned for more. I plan to shoot a time-lapse video of my new art piece and then post it here again.

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5 Comments on Made with paper by 53

  1. Very nice paintings. I got that app too. A very good one.

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  2. Such joyful paintings!


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