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Neehal Shaikh

DIY 3D Origami Pencil Holder

Most comprehensive guide to make a 3D origami pencil holder at home

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A Lady in Snow

As promised, here is a continuation to my first painting to the ‘A Lady in …’ series. ‘A Lady in the Rain’ was my first painting to this series. Now, does this painting have a story? She might be enjoying the first snow. She might have been out […]

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A lady in the rain…

  Does this painting have a story? It can be anything. She might have forgotten her umbrella on a rainy day, she might be waiting for someone, she might be looking for help, Or better yet, she might just be enjoying the first rains. The possibilities can be […]

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Made with paper by 53

This is my first art related post. Won’t be long one for sure. Here are some of my paintings ‘Made with paper 53’ (forms a good statement, right?). All of these painting were done on an iPad 2 without using any stylus. Yes, just my fingers. The ‘Made […]

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